Day 355 of 400: Cape Town, South Africa

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We spent the day checking out Cape Town…walking through the city stopping to look at the little shops. Giff got his haircut which was a little on the short side and we talked with some of the locals about the African artwork. There was one piece that was very African…made of pottery with feathers coming out of the top of its head, it was probably about a foot tall. The shop owner told us he bought it from one of the local tribe members…they used these types of pieces in ceremonies. He pulled out a collectors book and shared some photos with us explaining some of the pieces are made to look like the real thing but are new. He said the one we were looking at was the real thing, we decided to buy it. Where we will put it at home is a different story…we also bought a handmade necklace made of 100s of beads.

There were several of these African collectors shops and it was fun to look at the old artifacts and talk with the shop owners about what the pieces were used for from various tribes. We also ran into a large crafts markets with tons of vendors trying to sell their things to tourists. We were a little over the cheap touristy gadgets but it was fun to walk through it. The city had tons of people out and about and plenty of boutiques and restaurants to keep busy. The hotel owner had told us to be out of the downtown area by a certain time for safety reasons…as it approached that time, we found ourselves still downtown and suddenly the area did in fact become a little dicey. We quickly made our way back down the street towards our place as we started to become a little uncomfortable. We found a restaurant just on the edge of the city so sat outside and ordered some food and a beer for dinner.

After dinner, we walked back to our place and packed our things…we leave for our safari early tomorrow morning!!!

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