Day 345-346 of 400: Gems and Scarves in Udaipur, India

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We could have gone on a day trip to see some important sights right outside of Udaipur, but we decided to stay in the city where we could just enjoy being in one spot for the next couple days. We spent our time walking through different parts of the city…it was more of the same but different. We talked with some of the shop keepers about their goods including another pashmina shop. The guy claimed we didn’t get “real” shawls but that he had the “real” thing. He explained the difference and what to look for in a fake. He was super nice and spent a lot of time with us but we had already made our big purchase so had to disappoint him with no sale.

We also went back to Restaurant Ambrai for lunch which had bad service but good food and good views. Steamy chai tea, spicy food, pashmina scarves, miniature paintings and sparkling gems filled our days in Udaipur. In fact…there was a jewelry store right across from our hotel that we shopped in for a bit. They had a couple very large pieces of black star…one being over 100 carats and we bought it! And no…this is not like buying a 100 carat diamond…the price was very reasonable…it was in its raw form, no setting but it will be beautiful when we get it set! As Giff was negotiating price…the guy asked him to throw in his watch! We did so and got about $50 off the total price…bonus:) It was one of those rubber watches, the thin ones you can get in a sports store. They are about $10 and you can wear them while you do various athletics, many people were making comments about them…not just in India…weird.

With our goodies purchased and our bags packed…a taxi took us to the airport to catch our flight to Mumbai which is our last stop in India!

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