Day 344 of 400: Shopping and eating in Udaipur – India

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Today we took our leisurely time taking it all in and joining the hustle and bustle at the many shops in town.  First we slept in, and then slowly got ready before even leaving the hotel…one of those days!  We went into many stores but also did a lot of walking around allowing ourselves to get lost among the many streets.  Gems are the big seller here in India so we started really getting into looking at the various shops for both jewelry, but also the actual large semi-precious stones themselves.  The silver was weighed like it is in many other countries to determine the price but what stood out were the many various precious and semi-precious stones everywhere and they definitely like their gold!  Tiger’s eye was everywhere since it is local to this country which we thought was very different looking.

After walking around all day , we had a tuk-tuk take us to Restaurant Ambrai which was right on the lake looking over Lake Palace (a Palace turned into a very expensive hotel) in the middle of the water.  The restaurant was right outside of the city walls and was the perfect spot to view the sky line and the calming water as the sun set creating a pink glow.  It seemed like such the perfect spot, we decided to order a bottle of wine along with a few dishes to get a good taste for the local cuisine.  The appetizer was a starter platter with a little bit of everything and then we had a chicken dish in a curry-like sauce which was delicious to dip our naan bread in…

While we were eating and relaxing, we discussed whether or not to buy the pashmina…and decided we should!  They would go for much more back home and we may as well get them from the source while we are here.  We went back to the original pashmina store even though there are multiple vendors everywhere after our meal.  We had him give his best offer and we made the purchase…hoping we weren’t being scammed which is a 50/50 shot here in Udaipur!

We went back to our hotel for the rest of the evening and took it easy until bedtime.  Shopping and eating can take a lot out of you!

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