Day 270 of 400: Noumea – New Caledonia

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Yeahhhh…Today we see our first island, Noumea of New Caledonia.  It was fairly early so we had a nice long day to explore.  We walked through the streets until we found a tourist office. We picked up a map and a general idea of what to do since we hadn’t booked any of the expensive excursions through the cruise ship (always book your own excursions through the locals once off the ship…it is much cheaper for the exact same thing).

We walked around a bit, exchanged some money and then walked through the food market.  There were a couple small buildings beside each other, one was full of vendors with fruits/veggies…another was all fish etc.  We bought a couple of bananas since they were clearly a different variety than we get in the US.  These were short and fat and had a very thick consistency but were sweet and filling.

We had fun looking through all the fish…they were much brighter in color than what we see in the US.   There were huge bright blue and purple fish which the fish monger held up for us to take a picture as well as green, black & yellow lobsters.  There were bright-colored shrimp, piles of crabs, squid and a line of fish which looked like their lips were puckered and ready for a kiss.

After walking around the market, we grabbed a taxi and got dropped off on a different side of the island which got us out-of-town and onto a beach area.  We found a restaurant called “Fun Beach” which was right on the ocean so sat at a table right on the water.  We ordered some local prawns and a beer and just chilled out.  After our leisurely lunch, we walked down the beach…past the swaying palm trees as we watched the locals with their huge fishing poles trying to find a catch.

We also found a secluded look-out area where Giff spread some of his dad’s ashes.  After enjoying the view, we caught a bus (thanks to a local who pointed us towards the right one) and got back to our cruise ship for the evening.  Tomorrow we will be at another south pacific island when we wake up!

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