Day 253 of 400: Port Macquarie – NSW, Australia

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We had so much fun spending the majority of our day at a koala hospital today…in fact it is the only one in Australia.  Basically besides the doctors, the caregivers are all volunteer.  When a koala is hurt…they are brought in from the wild to this hospital where they are fixed up, nurtured and then assuming they are healthy enough returned to the wild.

We joined the free tour which walked us through the outside portion of the hospital…basically, fences are placed around the natural trees to separate the koalas.  There is a sort of tree house in each where the leaves are fed to each koala.  The women walked us through each area talking about the various bears…their names and why they were brought in etc..   She answered lots of questions and showed us some of the younger ones who were being hand-fed some type of formula through a syringe.  She explained koala bears sleep 17 hours a day…they have low energy because they are digesting the many eucalyptus leaves they eat.

They were so cute and cuddly…and the way they would climb up into the tree and go to sleep was adorable.  The women explained the koala is actually endangered…they are so tiny when they are born, it is difficult to survive in the wild.  They are literally the size of a thumbnail.

After pulling ourselves away from the koalas, we drove down to a coastal trail.  The trail went from the jungle to the very edge of the cliffs overlooking the ocean.  We found a bench with a perfect view and sat down for a while taking in the scene and talking.

We drove the 2 minutes back to our place and made dinner while watching a movie.

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  1. I can’t believe how close you were to the Koala Bears. It looks like if a polar bear mated with an Owl you got the Koala Bear. I’ve never seen one so up close before, they are so cute. So thanks for sharing our experience with me.

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