Day 243 of 400: Mansfield, High Country – Victoria, Australia

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After such a busy day yesterday…today we decided to have a lazy day.  We slept in, made a big breakfast and watched TV all morning.  Laying around so long made us want to at least use the gym.  We walked down the hill right outside our timeshare and over to the building that had the “gym,” pool and game area.

Unfortunately their idea of a gym and ours was not the same.  The room was smaller than my bathroom and there were 2 pieces of equipment probably dating back to the 70’s.  Needless to say, we did not use the half-broken equipment.  We walked a bit around the property and decided to go into the village to watch the rugby match between Australia vs. South Africa.  We of course had our New Zealand gear on since we were just there.

The small bar had a few people in the front room watching cars race around a track…similar to NASCAR, and in the back room were 2 people and a small TV.  Apparently Rugby isn’t so popular in this area.  We decided to order one beer and then would probably leave since the bar wasn’t exactly the hot spot.  A guy wearing an Aussie shirt, was flipping the TV back-and-fourth between the racetrack and the rugby game.

A women came over and chatted with us…asking us where we were from and where we were going.  She and the man were bickering back-and-fourth like an old married couple but were only friends.  We had fun asking questions about the rules of the game and ordered another beer enjoying their company.  At half time, we ran across the street and placed a bet on the game to make it more interesting to watch.  In both New Zealand and Australia…they have legal gambling on games…you can place your bet at the counter which is attached to a bar, and if you win…they pay you right there.

We placed small bets and went back to watch the remainder of the game with our new-found Aussie friends.  The game ended with Australia winning and knocking South Africa out of the World Cup.  The guy was so happy…he was cheering and yelling and took his shirt off, handed it to Giff and told him to wear it at the next game.  Giff agreed and we thanked him for giving the shirt off his back!  The women playfully chimed in that we would need to shrink it in hot water to fit Giff better, hinting that her friend was heavier.

We exchanged email info and went back to our timeshare.  We made pizzas and salad and relaxed at our place for the evening.

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