Day 234 of 400: Hawke’s Bay to Auckland – New Zealand

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We checked out of our B&B and started our drive back to Auckland.  The drive is a good 5 hours but it was worth coming out this far to see the geothermal parks and taste NZ wine.  We did stop at the Crab Farm Winery ( on our way out…it was a cute restaurant with a fisherman’s theme, it also has live music during dinner.  The wine wasn’t really our style but the staff was very friendly and we would have come here for dinner had we known about it.

Once on the road, we drove for several hours before stopping at a random cafeteria type restaurant for lunch and a bathroom break. We grabbed a couple Panini sandwiches and continued our road trip until we finally reached the city of Auckland.  We checked in and saw our hotel room had a washer and dryer…always a good thing.  We have been looking forward to Auckland because we have tickets to the Scotland vs England Rugby World Cup match!  I bought them for Giff for Christmas last year…

We threw our stuff in our room, and walked the few blocks from our hotel to the city center.  There were signs everywhere in reference to the world cup.  We found a bar playing one of the games on a big screen with 2 seats left at the bar.  We grabbed them and ordered not so good for us food and beer. This bar was also connected to a gambling counter…you could place bets with the machine, it would take the money and give a ticket…if the ticket wins, the bar pays the winnings…this could be dangerous for Giff.  He would usually need to make a call or get online to place his sports bets, now he can just walk 5 steps and place it…this could be bad.

We chatted with some of the people at the bar and watched the game.  We ended up winning one bet and losing the other, we won more than we lost…not too bad.  After the game, we walked back to our place.  Tomorrow we will explore the city and go to our rugby game in the evening.

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