Day 188 of 400: Northern Ireland to Dublin – Ireland

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One of the first things we saw today while on our gorgeous drive up the coast to Dublin was a sign on the side of a road nailed to a tree that read, “Freshly Dug B. Queen Potatoes for Sale”.  We have seen potatoes on sale but have never seen them advertised as “freshly dug”.

After getting a kick out of the sign we continued on…the weather was beautiful today and we meandered along the coast.  There were random little side streets off the main road which were unmarked but lead to breathtaking scenery.  We took pictures and enjoyed the drive, stopping in a small village called Whitehead for lunch.

The restaurant was kind of a old-fashioned cafe…the kind of place grandma would love, with nice china for tea time and good home-made food.  Giff and I are suckers for the official tea time menu so ordered one tea time which comes with a scone/jam, little sandwiches and a slice of cake as well as English tea served the proper way with cream.  We also ordered a bowl of the fish chowder being this town was right on the water.  I know, fish chowder and scones don’t exactly go together but separately…they were oh so good!

More driving finally lead us to Dublin!  Home of the famous Guinness beer.  The city looked busy but not overwhelming.  We decided to check in at our hotel and grab some food from the restaurant in the lobby.  We had a long day in the car and enjoyed some R&R.  Tomorrow we will tackle the big city!

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