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We absolutely love Rome!  Sure there are tourists but who wouldn’t want to come visit one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world?  Every single direction has massive buildings with unbelievable architecture.  The ancient ruins in the middle of the city, the oversized fountains, the detailed statues, the amazing colosseum and of course the Vatican.  Maybe someday we’ll own an apartment here!

Breakfast was served in our room which was nice except it was gross.  The doughnuts and watery coffee with pre-packaged crackers were not exactly a healthy way to start the day.  We walked down the street a bit and found a place for lunch ordering a pesto barley salad and pasta before setting out for our long day of walking the Roman streets.

Hours and hours of walking made us love the city even more with every site we visited.  The city is big but manageable and much cleaner than Naples!  The detail in the monuments is so specific…it is easy to just stare.  After a while we found a square and sat to rest our feet and quench our thirst with a local beer.  By the time we finished our tour of the city, it was about 9pm and time for dinner!

We could have easily gone to a number of restaurants but chose the same one as last night…why fix something that isn’t broken?  We sat outside again greeting the same family.  This time we ordered the homemade noodles with truffle and mushroom along with the arrabbiata dish again.  We also started with an antipasti of mixed veggies and finished the meal off with an extremely delicious homemade tiramisu.  We had tried to order it last night but they had sold out.  Tonight we managed to get a piece and the cream itself was heavenly with the thick layer of cocoa on top.

Our day had been a long one…we probably walked 15 miles and still didn’t see the entire city…we were tired.  We walked back to our place to unwind and get to bed.

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