Day 157 of 400: Naples – Italy

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Today will be the day we feel sick from eating so much pizza.  We are after all…staying in Naples…where pizza was invented!

We checked into the Marriott right in the center of Naples, grabbed a map and circled the world’s best pizza places.  We walked the city and started our challenging research of which pizza really is the best.  It is definitely hard work but someone had to do it so we stepped up to the challenge.

It was extremely hot in the city…as in, move your pinky finger and you sweat. We walked around for a good half hour before getting to our first bite of pizza.  We sat and ordered a salad and pizza from Ristorante Europeo.  The pizza which was listed on the menu as chef’s surprise was kind of split into 3 types in one.  One side had green canned chili’s and red peppers, the other side had fresh cherry tomatoes and the last had white beans which made a surprisingly good taste with the gooey cheese and chewy dough.  The pizza was definitely a good one and the salad had all kinds of fresh mixed greens, green beans, tomatoes, octopus and sardines.  But…we didn’t give this one the world’s best title although it was definitely great.

The plan was to order one pizza at all these places and share so we could keep eating our way through the city, but we were already pretty full.  We decided to walk all over the city for hours checking out the different areas.  It was definitely a big NYC type feel except it was extremely dirty.  We’re not talking about typical city grime, We’re talking about garbage piled all over the place, trash on the streets…this is not a place for flip-flops when walking around.  If you can look past all the dirt and all the warnings of being mugged…there are gorgeous statues and fountains and old architecture.  There are big squares with tons of pizzerias and of course lots of cheap shopping including the vendors on the streets wanting you to buy their wanna be Gucci purses made out of the finest plastic around.

We weaved our way in and out of alleys and major roads.  There were clothes hanging on clotheslines all across the streets and crowds of both tourists and locals.  After much walking and many pictures we worked up our appetite and  went to our next pizzeria…Sorbillo.  We walked quite a while looking around for this place in the dark, we finally asked someone where this place was…and in Italian they showed us we were right down the street from it.  He said something about number 2 is better.  We didn’t really know what he was talking about but saw the sign “Sorbillo” and grabbed the last table available.

We ordered 2 pizzas, one was a lasagna pizza which had tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, ham and basil and the other was a classic margarita.  We paired our pizzas with 2 local beers made by Peroni and cleaned our plates.  Full and tired from our long day, we started our walk back to our hotel…but 2 doors down saw loads of people standing outside a restaurant and a loud-speaker announcing different orders were ready.  We stopped to see what restaurant was getting so much fuss…the sign read “Sorbillo”.  We suddenly realized, we were duped.  We had gone to a fake Sorbillo!  Unbelievable…had we just looked 2 more doors down we would have seen the real pizza place, but why would we keep looking when we saw what we thought was the right restaurant.  We had mixed feelings about this all the way home.  We felt we had very good pizza but were fooled by the imposter “Sorbillo” pizza place.  Maybe we could go back in the morning?

Tomorrow we will eat at least one more pizza before leaving Naples!

2 Replies to “Day 157 of 400: Naples – Italy”

  1. Giff looks cute in his new hat and I think I see some new clothes. I’ll bet you are tired of the few you packed. The clotheslines hanging out of apartments reminds me of China. Anthony Bourdain commented on the trash not being picked in Naples also.

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