Day 142 of 400: Montepulciano – Italy

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When we walked into Borgo Buio ( for lunch in Montepulciano…we had no idea we were in one of the best restaurants in all of Italy…according to the owner Pier!  Today we are focusing on the town of Montepulciano which is a very well-known name around the world…specifically for it’s vino.

Lunch definitely wasn’t fat-free.  We ordered the homemade pastas, one with a truffle cream sauce and the other with a bolognese sauce.  We were happily scarfing down our food and enjoying the cave like interior of the restaurant when a big Italian man sat down at a table nearby and started talking to us.

It was Pier, the owner and he was extremely friendly…chatting with us while we ate, and then insisting we follow him to the kitchen to meet his wife whom took a picture with us.  After our delicious lunch and meeting of the family we walked around town which was filled with little wine shops selling the local wine…vino nobile.  As we walked around and up the hills to each shop, we realized Montepulciano was high on the mountain and had beautiful views from all sides of town.

We toured the wine cellar of Cantina Contucci (  We walked through their old barrels and tanks on our own, and tasted the family wine…we purchased one bottle which we both really liked.

We visited a couple other wine shops, asking questions and tasting our way through town.  We bought wine from Poliziano ( and Gattavecchi ( and had fun seeing some of the other caves with extremely old huge barrels.

After our wine and food journey through town we drove towards Pienza stopping first at a small hilltop town full of residential homes and one small square with a church.  Pienza was enclosed by a fortress wall so we parked outside in the parking lot.

As soon as we were through the archway and walking down the cobblestone street, we saw a small leather shop with a man hard at work engraving one of his leather goods.  We walked in and saw a small leather-bound book with a beautiful countryside scene burned by hand into the leather.  Included in the price, he engraved the back with our names, our website and the year.  This book will be where we keep important notes from this trip.

Pienza was nice…we took pictures of the familiar clock tower, and church in the main square, and walked through some of the many boutiques before going back to our place in Monte San Savino.

We got take out from the pizza place we had the other night but were a little disappointed…they are much better hot out of the oven.

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