Day 134 of 400: City of Bordeaux – France

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The cathedral towers the city of Bordeaux…it was the first thing we noticed driving into the city today.  This massive building took 400 years to build!  We decided to take a break from wine tasting and visit the actual city.  The vinexpo (the world’s main wine fair) was being held this week so there were a lot of people in town both potential consumers and vineyard owners.  We would have loved to sneak in but the fair is business only…you have to work in the industry to get in.

We started walking through the streets, we quickly found the “old town” area which was a pedestrian zone only. The streets were big and lined with boutique after boutique with all kinds of specialties specific to Bordeaux as well as your usual clothing stores, restaurants, pubs etc.  We were ready for lunch and found a small cafe packed with people but with a table for two open on the patio.  We snagged it and placed our order.  The waitress didn’t speak a bit of English, Giff pointed to what he wanted which in hindsight is what I should have done.  Instead, I tried to explain in English what I wanted to a women who only spoke French…then finally picked a random salad off the menu hoping for regular mixed greens but received smoked salmon, shrimp and some lettuce with a piece of white toast…not a bad lunch but not exactly what I had in mind.  Giff got a piece of vegetable lasagna with a mixed green salad which was very good.

After lunch we continued strolling around the large city…it definitely wasn’t a small town or village…it was city with a city had taxi’s driving around and all types of people on the streets.  Giff saw a little bakery and even though we had just eaten, he ordered a sandwich and a piping hot baguette.  Giff literally made himself so full he was in pain but felt he had no option being the baguette was so delicious…it could not be wasted.

Did I mention how hot it was today?  The city retained so much heat with all the buildings and people and we were slowly melting so found a square to sip on a smoothie and people watch for a bit.  We left the main shopping area and found a few other major streets with impressive buildings before starting to walk back towards our car.

We saw a vendor with all kinds of fruits and veggies and purchased some cherries which were stacked up high and a couple of tomatoes to eat later and then walked back to our car to head to our B&B..

One Reply to “Day 134 of 400: City of Bordeaux – France”

  1. You both look so rested and happy! Love it! This cathedral is so wonderful!

    Weare all fine! Ashley graduated and is getting ready for college. She got a summer job at a nursing home. Hailee just turned 14. Jordan’s just cut a CD with his band, Crusader. Kylie is trying out for Varsity Soccer team and is under a lot of stress! The little guys are fine and keeping me busy with Bible School next week.

    Miss you and love the blog!!
    Love, Aunt Teri

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