Day 132 of 400: Libourne to Bourg – France

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Vibrant fruits and veggies, cheeses, live chickens and foi gras were the majority of the vendors at the Libourne market.  We stopped to grab some food on our way to Cote de Bourg where we will stay the next four days.  We stood on the river to eat some of our produce and noticed how brown the water was…hopefully the drinking water in this town doesn’t come from this water source.  I would not even dip my big toe in this river.

We arrived in Bourg in less than an hour and started to look for signs to our B&B.  We were admiring the landscape full of vines when we saw a large sign stating, Chateau de la Grave (…we followed the signs past the sleepy village of Bourg and over the hills to our place.  The huge 14th century château was authentic and beautiful.  It stood tall and massive among the fields and has been in the family of Philippe and Valerie for the past 100 years.

After literally stopping the car in the middle of the street to take a picture of this place, we checked in with Valerie’s father who was very friendly but spoke no English.  He showed us our room and immediately brought us to the back building where they had tanks and barrels full of the wine they have been making for so many years.  He did a quick tour with us and then opened some wine for tasting.  We may not all speak the same language but we can all communicate through wine…describing what we taste in English and hearing his response in French.

We thanked him for the tasting and went back to our room to prepare dinner.  Our room was called the “The vineyards” and for good reason…we had panoramic views of their (45 hectares) of vines and a balcony to take it all in.  We took our food downstairs to the backyard and sat at a stone table right on the edge of the patio with the horses to our left, the vines in all directions and the pool to our right.  We drank our wine and ate our finger foods from the Libourne market.  The sun didn’t set until nearly 9PM which gave us plenty of time to enjoy our surroundings…the views, the wine and the food.  After dinner, we went back into our room and settled into a movie.

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