Day 105 of 400: Isle of Skye – Scotland

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We started our early morning again with hot porridge and chatted with the two other couples.  One of the women shared with us that she was originally from Poland and wrote a book about her life under Hitler.  We will be buying the book and if you are interested…it is: “Abandoned and Forgotten” by Evelyne Tannehill.  The other women from France made us all smile as she used the hot fudge as a spread on her toast.  We shook hands with everyone and checked out of the B&B.  Due to the warning of bad weather, we wanted to get a good early start on our day of driving.  We could tell the wind was already picking up in comparison to yesterday.  We had only driven about 50 feet when we literally had to stop for the cows standing right in the driveway.  They were not willing to move much because we were clearly in their territory.

Pushing past the cows we drove towards the bridge connecting the mainland highlands of Scotland in hopes they hadn’t closed the bridge yet due to the weather.  The rain was coming down hard and you could feel the wind whipping around.  Before leaving the island, we had one stop to make, the Talisker Distillery.  The only whisky distillery on the island.  We crunched into a small parking spot and squeezed into the next tour group.  The tour was about 45 minutes and took us through the various areas where the whisky was being made out of barley and educated us on the process before leading us to the store to purchase their bottles.  This was a huge distillery exporting tons of whisky used both in blends such as Johnny Walker and single malt specialties.  They also reiterated that an ice-cube is actually bad for the taste of the whisky vs. adding a bit of water opens up the flavor.  We purchased a bottle and got back in the car in hopes of beating the storm that seemed to be getting worse.

After a few hours of careful driving and seeing huge trees that had been pulled out of the earth from the wind and warning signs on the bridges we were crossing, we arrived in an area called Glen Coe.  We had been told to stop for the views and although the rain and wind was still coming down, we pulled over at the tourist office.

Inside they gave us hot tea/coffee and a map of the area.  They showed us an area to stop and possibly hike if the weather permitted and explained how this area was so amazing from a geology standpoint.  A crater had been formed due to the shifting of plates, not a volcano…the road we were driving on would literally drive right through it.

The landscape again was beautiful…waterfalls on every side of us.  We pulled over and Giff decided to spread some of his father’s ashes.

We continued driving a bit until we saw the area we were told to pull over.  We both got out and climbed up a small dirt hill when it started to hail and rain again…the wind was whipping the hail so hard, we had to keep our backs to it.  We were screaming and laughing all by ourselves as the hail pinched our skin and the wind threatened to blow us away.  The 30 second video below that we managed to record out there gives you a pretty good idea of what we were experiencing.  The hike was definitely out of the question.

We got back in the car drenched and continued our drive until we arrived back at the Edinburgh Marriott hotel.  We got chinese take out and relaxed away from the stormy weather.


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