Day 71 of 400: Frankfurt – Germany

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Our hotel was ideally located within walking distance of the heart of Frankfurt.  We got a good start on the day and soon realized Frankfurt had a huge area of pedestrian walking zone only.  This was definitely a modern city and the main event seemed to be shopping, so of course obligated to join in…we too visited some of the stores, however they were more chain type stores vs. boutiques.

We stopped for a snack (white asparagus) which was good but lunch was not so good as we found ourselves at a tourist trap type place.  We headed across the river to an older area of Frankfurt which we were told was known for their Apfelweinwirtschaft, which is an alcoholic beverage made from apples.

Once we got over to this little area…the cobblestone streets intertwined with the rows of bars.  Literally every other building had an apple symbol or reference, and was a bar to sample the local drink.  We sat down outside at a table and told the waitress we had never tried the local concoction.  She explained some people drink it straight, some add sparkling water to it and some add soda to it.  She offered to bring a taste before ordering a full glass.  It reminded us of wine…made from apples instead of grapes.  It was not very sweet but not something we would order again…we will stick to the grapes.  We thanked her and ordered beers.

We crossed the river back to the more modern side of the city and couldn’t resist the urge for Haagen Daaz ice cream.  Isn’t it from this area?  Well, either way, it went directly from the freezer to our tummies within a few minutes.

We continued our stroll taking pictures of the area and people watching.  After being out all day, we decided to head back.  Tomorrow we are flying back to CA for our regularly scheduled visit home.  But first…we of course needed dinner.  A modern building showed a pretty large group of people eating outside and a restaurant called, Vapiano.  The concept was kind of nice…you walk in and are given a card with a magnetic strip.  To the right was a huge counter where individual cooks were lined up taking orders and making the food fresh. We ordered a huge salad, pasta, bottle of wine and sat at one of the many tables for dinner.  Once finished, you give the card to the cashier at the exit, she slides it and you pay for what you ordered.  It was good fresh food, kind of a glorified food court with more of a restaurant feel.

Tummies full, we headed back to our Marriott to pack up and get a good night sleep.  We will be flying back to CA for about 10 days for doctor check ups and to visit friends.  Then will fly to OH to visit family for a few days followed by NY.  We will leave NY on May 8th to venture into the United Kingdom…and that is where we will pick back up with our blogging!  Talk to you then:)

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