Day 88 of 400: Brooklyn – New York

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We arrived in the evening in NYC where we will spend 2 days before departing for England.  Chithta and Jeff (friends from Long Island) came into the city to meet us for dinner.  We all met at Candice and Ayal’s (friends in Brooklyn) cute apartment for a drink and snack before going out.

We decided on a Japanese neighborhood restaurant.  We told the waiter we wanted to spend $25 per person and they created a tasting menu with an emphasis on seafood as we requested.  Dinner was yummy and each course stirred conversation as we all tasted our way through the food.  We had prawns wrapped in shredded crunchy goodness.  Sushi with three levels of wasabi/soy sauce. A Ceviche type bowl of fish with avocado and lotus salad which had the crunch of water chestnuts but the taste of sesame seeds.

After dinner we dropped Chithta/Jeff off at the subway with goodbye hugs and bee-lined straight for the well-known ice cream truck.  We capped our night off with mint chip and ginger ice cream.  Candice and I went home to chat and catch up while Giff and Ayal peaked in at a bar to catch the end of the Lakers vs Celtics game.

3 Replies to “Day 88 of 400: Brooklyn – New York”

  1. Hi Brandey!
    Glad you’re having such a good time….hope we can get together next time you’re in NYC!

  2. You are lookig good!! You look healthy and happy!! I know you must be having a ball. We wanted to see you guys but it just did not work out. Cindi, Patti and I had a really good visit and fun together. Lots of eating and lots of shopping.

    Hope to catch you the next time around!!

    1. I know…I was bummed it didn’t work out to see you all even for lunch but driving to Logan was not a possibility being we only had a couple days before leaving for NY. We will definitely get together on the next visit! Glad to hear you all had a good time together!!

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