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Check out went smoothly this morning and we decided to have lunch and spend most of the day in Munich before driving to Frankfurt.
We found a super cute sandwhich shop called Aran.  They served all their sandwhiches on one big slice of hearty dark brown bread.  We couldn’t read much of the German menu but ended up ordering a wild curry chicken and procuitto and cheese.  Both were good and we talked about how this restaurant would be a big hit in the states.
As we walked around looking for some shops to stop in, we took pictures of some of the white asparagus we were seeing.  Like sausages,  the thick asparagus was in season and on every corner and the star on many appetizer menus.
We walked into a knife shop.  Giff had his pocket knife taken at the airport (we forgot to check it) and wanted a nice new German one.  We looked at several and opted for one made with buffalo horn.
We looked in other shops and finally gave in to the white sausages.  These were all over the place…apparently a local specialty and although we really weren’t hungry…we knew it was part of our job as world travelers to give it a try.  It was pretty good as far as sausages go.  What we decided not to try was the huge piles of what looked like mashed potatos but was actually pig lard…which they use as a spread for their bread or to cook with, ummmmm…we’ll pass on that one.
We headed over to our car and drove to Frankfurt where we had a late check in.  Tomorrow we will explore the city.

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