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We got checked out smoothly this morning and jumped in the car to head to Munich, Germany.

Our room at the Leonardo Boutique was extremely spacious especially for Europe however it smelled of old smoke.  Can someone explain why the beds are always two twins pushed together with individual blankets and no sheets?  This is going to take some getting use to…

After check in, we set out to explore Munich.  We had not been walking long when we saw a chocolatier/restaurant.  They had walls filled with chocolates of all shapes and the smell…can you gain weight from smelling?  At the counter they had dangerously sinful cakes and torts.  We found a seat by the window and ordered tea/coffee and a chocolate cake filled with cherries and garnished with chocolate shavings.

After they brought out my green tea, I noticed on the tray there was a teapot filled with hot water, an empty teacup, a taller empty cup and a basket of green tea leaves.  After inspecting the set up, I decided the basket of leaves goes in the tall empty cup and then I pour the teapot water on top to steep the leaves and then remove the basket.  Once I had done just that, a man who clearly worked there came over to me.  he spoke in German in a tone that sounded like I did something wrong and pointed to my tea.  It turns out, the basket of leaves goes inside the teapot until it’s ready.  Then the basket is removed and discarded in the tall empty cup and the teapot of green tea is poured in the teacup.  Well don’t I feel dumb!

After feeling tea challenged, we left and cruised around Munich which had very cool architecture.  It had both an old town area surrounded by the newer part of the city.  There was a huge cathedral in the center of the main square.  Three times a day the clock tower chimes and puts on a little show with its moving parts…it reminded us of the clock in the center of Prague.

We walked all over the city, admiring the buildings and pushing our way through the crowded sidewalks.  We saw a soccer game was on and sat down at a pub in a main area.  It was called, Hacker-Pschorr…this place will NOT be found under our favorites tab.  In fact, this place may cause us to create a least favorites page on our website!

First and foremost…this story may be a little bias because I do not care for meatloaf…a loaf of mystery meat mashed together and served is not what I call appetizing.  That said, Giff ordered the meatloaf.  It was supposedly a local specialty.  If one were to take the meats found in a hotdog and bologna, mix them together, put them in the oven and serve it sliced with a fried egg on top…that would be the best description for what we saw.  It really doesn’t get much grosser than this…ick.  We had a bite and gave it back to the kitchen.

Leaving the over priced beer and nasty loaf of meat, we found another famous beer hall.  This one, the HofBrauhaus was bustling!  The place was jam packed with people the way your local bar would be on a Saturday night, except this is not a typical bar.  Again, the place was huge with banquet hall type rooms filled with thick wooden tables both indoor and outdoor seating.  This was prime people watching.  There was also a live band in the main room.  It consisted of about five people playing brass instruments, drums and the accordion.  They were dressed in what looked like traditional German attire…shorts with socks pulled up to their shins and white button down shirts with vests.  Some of the beer drinkers, specifically the older men had very interesting outfits with hats and feathers.

We had a good time walking through the crowds and taking in the culture of a typical beer hall.  We had been going all day and decided to call it a night.

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