Day 56 of 400: Haute Nendaz, Switzerland

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Struggling to transition into the new timeframe, we both were awake by 3AM, so we watched a movie and then tried to go back to sleep but failed. Giff got up to see if the sauna was open which wasn’t and tried grabbing a couple hot chocolate croissant but was declined because we didn’t have francs yet, only euros.

We both went over to a different bakery after exchanging money and ate an apple strudel and vanilla croissant with coffees which were delicious. It is very challenging not to give into this type of breakfast…everywhere you look the bakeries have all kinds of baked goods just oozing with deliciousness. This is definitely not good for the figure, why are we doing this to ourselves? Well, because it really is just to hard to say no!

Next stop was the tourist office to see how and when to do the things we wanted to do. Then we walked through town, stopping to pick up groceries (yes we brought our own bag-see lessons learned tab). We also picked up some cheese at the fromagerie ( cheese shop) and Boucherie (meat shop). We headed up to our room for some down time.

The downtime turned into what we thought would be a nap but that turned into us sleeping from 4PM to midnight. Apparently the time change was very difficult to adjust to this time.  We decided why not watch a movie again in the middle of the night?  We finally fell asleep at about 5AM.

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