Day 14 of 400: Carcassonne and the Villages of Cotes du Roussillon – France

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This is not the first place we have seen this…no shower curtain. There is a shower nozzle you hold while you shower but no curtain to hold the water in…needless to say, it made for a very wet morning. Downstairs, we enjoyed breakfast with Serge and Muryel, packed up and continued on to Perpignan where we would stay for the night and then take a train into Barcelona.The countryside here in southern France is just amazing….you never get tired of it. On our way, we ran right into another one of France’s “most beautiful towns” Lagrasse. We took some pictures, grabbed a ham/cheese sandwich and continued on until we saw a a family of billy goats playing on the side of the road. There were a couple babies that were too cute jumping around. We weren’t too much further when we saw what looked like a trailer truck on the side of a big warehouse building with some type of assembly line. We saw what looked like wine bottles, so pulled over to nose around and see what they were doing. Sure enough it was a few people in an assembly line bottling wine! One person places the bottles on the machine, the machine corked them, another person boxed it and then they were ready to ship. We took a video!As we approached Perpignan, we saw a sign for Salses le Chateau. We didn’t know exactly what it was but had read that it was some type of building or monument and turned directions to go check it out. As we approached, we realized it was another castle. We looked at it from the outside and took a picture by what use to be the moat. We decided not to do the tour since we had just spent hours at a castle yesterday.  Going back to our car, we had to walk right past a “wine cave”. We walked in and found a super nice women who spoke good English. She had us taste numerous wines and taught us about the different processes used to create sweet wine. She even brought out some wine from 1969 to taste…which was very good.  They were made from 100% grenache grapes both red and white.

After buying a couple bottles we headed to find a hotel in the big city of Perpignan.  The 38 euro hotel we found was literally right next to the train station which was in a perfect spot to catch an 8AM train to Barcelona.  The issue was that the hotel was not exactly a Marriott.  Put it this way, the bed bug spray we got for Christmas was used for the first time.  They did not even supply towels…not even a hand towel.  There was no elevator and the hallways were dark.  Tomorrow will be an early day.

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