Day 11 of 400: Village of Saint Cyprien – France

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Gooey cheese, sun dried tomatoes, bacon, arugula and a fried egg in the middle of our pizza was the highlight of our day!  Looking over the menu at this funky pizza place…the menu was not in English so we randomly picked a pizza and it was a great one!
Our day started out at a big local market (marche).  They had vendors with everything from leather purses to meats, cheeses, veggies, fruits, nuts, and candy alongside the ocean.  We bought some picnic goodies and a little leather change purse (for all our euro change) and then found ourselves sitting at a little coffee shop on the corner.
We finally forced ourselves to head back to our timeshare.  We have to check out tomorrow and needed to get a load of laundry done (for 6 euros per load-rip off…we could buy a bottle of wine for that price!)  Tomorrow we are heading to the village of Carcassonne.

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