Day 368 of 400: Streets of San Telmo, Buenos Aires – Argentina

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Walking through the streets of San Telmo on Sunday we could literally feel the pulse of Buenos Aires. The buzz was contagious and we found ourselves with big smiles on our faces listening to the street performers beat their drums and watching the fast-moving feet of the dancers. There were tons of craft vendors lining the streets, packed restaurants, cheap street food and many boutiques. If you are going to be in Buenos Aires…don’t miss San Telmo on Sunday, today was our favorite day in Buenos Aires.

We spent the whole day absorbing the busy Buenos Aires hustle and bustle and buying a few fun things from the locals. An artist had hand painted some designs on a few shirts and they were machine washable…we snatched up a couple of the one of a kind pieces. One of the other things that stood out was the booth full of hand-made knifes. It is a Kabat tradition to always carry a pocket knife and since the one we bought in Germany was stolen from us in Lima…we stopped to see what they had to offer. Interestingly, they really don’t use pocket knives in Argentina but they did have some cool daggers, many of which had handles made from the horn of a buffalo. After some negotiation we made a purchase…what are we going to do with a dagger you ask? Great question…

Amongst all the craziness, we also admired the European architecture and stopped to take several pictures. After our action packed day…we were tired and eventually made it back to the subway and then back to our hotel, where we ordered dinner from the restaurant to our room. We opened a bottle of wine from their wine cellar, and relaxed with room service. Tomorrow we check out and head to Iguazu Falls…one of the seven natural wonders of the world!!

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