Day 369 of 400: Buenos Aires to Iguazu – Argentina

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After our leisurely breakfast, we worked on our computers for a while getting things booked for our Mendoza portion of the trip which is after Iguazu Falls. The hotel staff was super friendly and helped us make phone calls to book rooms and request pricing etc.

We eventually got our things packed up and checked out of the quaint hotel and into the cab. The drive wasn’t so bad to the airport even though there was quite a lot of traffic. We checked in for our 90 minute flight and waited around until we could board.

The flight was nice and short and once we arrived, we took a taxi we had pre-arranged to our hotel, Cataratas on the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls. The hotel claims to be a five star…ummmm…maybe a three star would be more fitting. It had typical motel rooms and although spacious, they were dingy and old with bedding that we were hoping was washed once in a while. The prices were way too high for the quality this place was offering…so try a different option if you are going to Iguazu.

Since it was already close to dinner time, we decided to stay around the property and eat from the hotel restaurant which had decent food but really nothing to write about. We worked on our computers, watched TV and researched how and where to go tomorrow. From what we have read…you really only need two days in Iguazu and we gave it four so we could relax and not feel rushed.

Tomorrow we will take a bus to Iguazu and spend the day hiking the trails…

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