Day 367 of 400: Buenos Aires – Argentina

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We spent the morning around the hotel…not only were we trying to stay up on the blogging but we were planning the next part of our Argentina trip. We knew the areas we wanted to visit but did not have places or flights booked yet and we check out in two days!

In the afternoon, we set out to find lunch…shocker! The thing we are learning about Argentina is many of the restaurants stop serving lunch at about 2PM and dinner isn’t until at least 8:30PM. We of course found some stuff open being it was Buenos Aires (big city) but in general, wanted to be seated by 2PM.

We found a place called, Siga la Vaca ( which was a parrilla…we ordered a three course meal special with the salad, meat and dessert for 70 pesos…that’s about $5! It was kind of a “Diner’s, Drive-in’s and Drives” type place…definitely a good lunch spot.

Seriously…how much are we going to weight when we get out of Argentina??

After lunch we walked around the city and found a day market with various vendors set up selling clothes, jewelry and other crafts. We had fun meandering through the streets looking at the buildings and stopping at each vendor to see what goodies they had to offer.

After walking around, we went back to the hotel for a bit, freshened up and then went out around 9PM or so to get dinner at one of the most well-known steak houses in Buenos Aires, Don Julio. The restaurant was on the corner of two streets in Palermo right around the corner from our hotel. The place was packed with people inside and even outside where there was no AC and the temperature even this late in the evening was hot.

We had to wait a bit for our table and thankfully had reservations…they got us a table right by the grill where the meat guy was cutting the thick slabs of meat and charring them on the grill. We ordered a bottle of Trez Malbec, 2007 which is one of our favorites wines so far. We thought we ordered one steak but apparently we ordered two and we got a fresh salad as well as a big ol’ plate of papas fritas (french fries).

The food was great, wine was great, and so was the service…the only issue was we were both sweating…it was really hot and sticky. After dinner, the waiter brought us a marker and had us write a message on our wine bottle…then the waiter took our bottle and added it to the others on a shelf which we thought was very cool!

We got out of dinner pretty late and took our time walking back to our hotel, maybe we burned a few calories before going to bed!


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