Day 366 of 400: Neighborhood of Recoleta, Buenos Aires – Argentina

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After our leisurely breakfast at the hotel, we made our way to the subway station and took a train to a different part of Buenos Aires. We went to an area called Recoleta, known for shopping. On our way to it, we stopped in the park and walked down various streets taking pictures of the architecture which seemed very European.

Once we got to Recoleta, we followed the crowd walking down the busy streets lined with little shops and cafes. We had fun trying things on and slowly walking around in the hot sun.

For lunch, we walked by a Parrilla (steakhouse) which had various meats on metal sticks propped up by the fire pit…slowly being cooked in the window ( That was enough for us, we walked in and ordered a big steak and a salad to split (yes we had wine but really…can you eat an Argentinian steak without the Malbec?) The guy cooking the steaks in the firewood oven had a classic rimmed black hat on, we had to take his picture.

We had seen a sign in the restaurant referring to the wine collection in the basement of the restaurant so we asked to see it. The waiter walked us down and showed us various wines…asking us questions to learn our style while matching our taste with what he thought was a great wine. He also…negotiated with us, took a huge discount off the total but we had to walk upstairs with it in a paperback and pay with cash….we’re thinking he pocketed that money!

After our lunch we walked around a little more and then eventually caught another subway back to our neighborhood. We had been out all day and settled in our hotel room with a bottle of wine and got some computer work done before getting to bed.

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