Day 326 of 400: Siem Reap – Cambodia

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Today is our last day in Cambodia…and after spending a lot of time meandering through the temples, we decided to wander the streets and get some shopping done!  While I was getting ready, Giff went next door to get his hair cut…he has done this a few times before in other countries and has come back with very short bad hair-cuts so he was a little hesitant.  The barber actually did a fairly decent job and the price was the best part…it was only $3.00!!!

We hopped in a tuk-tuk and were dropped off in the center of town.  There was a long alleyway full of restaurants…so many great choices, we went with a vegetarian place which had great reviews in the travel books.  The place was called, Chamkar ( and it was delicious, fresh and healthy.  We sat outside on the patio next to a couple other tables oohing and ahhhing over each dish as it was delivered to our table.  The dipping sauces, the spicy curries and the fresh herbs really hit the spot for lunch.

After eating, we walked through the large market which had vendors, vendors and more vendors selling all kinds of goods from clothes to crafts to food.  We had fun trying things on and bartering back and forth for great deals.  There were also little boutique shops lining the streets leading up to the market so we took our time all day adding things to our shopping bags.  One of the specialties seemed to be silver…both jewelry and decorative items hand designed.  As we walked through the food part of the market we noticed a couple young children taking a nap amongst the crowd and the food on the tables, they were too cute.  We also saw a little tiny store on the corner full to the rim of paintings created by various local artists, one specifically stood out to us.  It was an abstract painting on canvas of one of the faces we had seen on so many of the temples…we decided to buy that one along with another in a different color by the same artist to put on our walls back home.

We had a very long day of shopping and had worked up an appetite.  We found a place in town and ordered some local dishes to share with a beer as we rested our tired feet.  Dinner was good…full of spice and herbs and we were back on the streets of Siem Reap on our way to the night market.  The night market only runs at night and we hadn’t gotten to it yet so stopped briefly to see what they had before going back to our hotel.  As we walked through…we saw many of the same things we had seen at the day market except one specific store…which specialized in crocodile.  The price tags were very expensive considering we were in Cambodia but as we asked about various items…the prices all came down quickly.  They also had sting-ray wallets which were different so we enjoyed looking at all of the super nice quality items which would be sold for a small fortune back in the US.  They did inform us they actually farm the crocs to make the goods…they don’t use wild crocs which is a good thing.  We treated ourselves to a couple of things there and then called it a day.

We rode our tuk-tuk back to our place and started getting things packed up since we leave for Bangkok tomorrow.

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