Day 327 of 400: Bangkok – Thailand

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Today is our last morning in Cambodia, we had breakfast and then got over to the airport.  The flight from Siem Reap to Bangkok was really short…just a little over 30 minutes, and then we grabbed a taxi to take us to our hotel.  Our tour guide package is officially over, which means we will start saving money rather than paying the obnoxious amount the tourist agencies charge.  Like we said before, we have had a great time in SE Asia and there were times the guides were helpful, but overall it s easy to get around and super cheap if you DON’T use a tour company-especially NOT Thailand Treks!

We pulled into a small street crammed with vendors and saw people exchanging money for street food, one street over was our hotel; Silom City Hotel ( ).  After throwing our stuff in the room, we went exploring the busy city streets.  It had that big city feel with tons of traffic including tuk-tuk’s weaving in and out of traffic as well as tons of shopping and enough food to keep us busy all day.  After some walking around, we found a small “no frills” place.  It had basic tables with basic chairs and several pots full of various Thai food simmering behind the counter.  There was a small weathered sign up on the wall showing this place was listed #1 on a CNN list of 50 best foods in the world.  We of course ordered the best dish, Pork Mussaman Curry and a Phad Thai…oh and by the way…each dish was 80 Baht which is about $2.60!  It was very good…it was sweet but spicy with a coconut undertone-yum.

After lunch we walked around the city noticing the huge amounts of street food on every corner…dishes stacked up in buckets of soapy water and people standing in line for their next meal.  We had fun looking in the shops…we even went into an antique shop admiring the old ornate pieces.  We did see a couple of tailor shops and just for fun walked in to see what their pricing was…Giff decided to order another suit, so we were there for a bit picking out a style for him and getting measured.

After shopping we walked back down the small street of vendors near our hotel and saw one of the fruit stands had piles of mangosteen and some juicy oranges.  We bought some and continued walking down the street following our nose which led us to fresh fish in a salt rub slow cooking on a charcoal grill.  We ordered one and sat down at a small plastic table on the side of the road.  The fish was perfectly cooked and very juicy…it was served with a small dish full of a homemade spicy lime/garlic based sauce…it was the kind of sauce where one finds themselves licking the bowl clean in public.  We sat on the busy street chatting with locals as we ate our fish and enjoyed the evening.

After dinner, we went back to our place and worked on the computer for a bit before getting to bed.

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