Day 282 of 400: Flight from Sydney to Beijing – China

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After going back and forth about whether or not to fly to China where there are millions of people with me on crutches…we decided to do it.  We just made our flight as Veronica dropped us off.  I was on crutches and Giff had to lug around every piece of luggage…not ideal.  We managed to make it work and got on our super long flight from Australia to China including a layover in Seoul.

Putting my strained foot on a plane wasn’t the perfect situation as far as swelling is concerned but luckily, for the main flight they gave us our own row so I could put it up.

Our day was basically all travel, we did have an interesting meal on the plane which was Korean and came with directions.  It was called, Bibimbap…the directions basically had us mix all the ingredients together, it was pretty good for airplane food.

We finally arrived in Beijing, China where our tour guide was waiting for us.  He drove us to our hotel, Holiday Inn where we went straight to bed.  Tomorrow, I will be staying in the hotel room to ice my foot/ankle while Giff goes to see some of the main sights like Tiananmen Square etc.  It would be silly to waste our tour money and both sit in the hotel all day.

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