Day 281 of 400: Sydney, NSW – Australia

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Ok, the deep-fried Mars bar should be banned from all menus!  Chocolate, Carmel and fried batter…this is not a fat-free concoction…who thought to put a candy bar in a deep fryer anyway?  Veronica picked us up from the port in Sydney after our 14 day cruise in Fiji.  After dealing with our visa at the India visa center (they finally approved us), she brought us to the famous Bondi Beach.

We grabbed lunch, fish n’ chips and a fried mars bar which I completely blame Veronica and Giff for ordering.  Veronica introduced it and Giff supported it!  We brought our fried food across the street to the beach and found a spot to sit for lunch.  The weather was fabulous and people were out and about sopping up all the sun even though it was a work day.  I can see by why Aussies love this beach, pretty close to the hustle and bustle of the city is a large stretch of white sand and surfers.

We got settled in at Veronica’s house but not too settled, tomorrow we leave for China!  For dinner we all ate sushi and then the adults dug into some ice-cream for dessert.  Giff decided it was the perfect night to break out the kava we had purchased in Fiji.  We went into the kitchen and Giff and Pat made the batch of Kava Fijian style.  The roots were already pounded into a powder, but they soaked the cloth full in a big bowl of water and then we sat in a circle drinking out of the coconut shell.  The taste again was not exactly the best flavor I’ve ever had, but we all managed to sip a few bowls before getting ready for bed.

Giff and I were getting the last of our things packed up, our flight was first thing in the morning.  We had some clothes hanging on the clothes line outside and it was dark out…Giff asked me to go get the clothes so they weren’t out all night. I told him they were still wet but went to go get them, which ended up being a big mistake.  Veronica was asleep and Pat was in the shower…I couldn’t find the porch light so attempted to walk slowly in the dark to grab our clothes.  I missed a step and fell hard on some toys twisting my foot on the way down.

Veronica woke up from the loud crash and came running outside, I was on the ground holding my foot.  Giff came running out and saw that I couldn’t put pressure on my foot.  He lifted me to the couch and after a few minutes, and a stress test performed on my foot by Pat… we decided to go to the hospital just to make sure there was no break.  Is this really happening hours before our flight to China?

After too many hours at the very slow Australian public health care hospital, they confirmed with X-rays it did not look broken but was a bad strain and I needed to stay off it for 2 weeks.  Ummm…staying off my foot for the two weeks we are in China is not really going to work.

We went back home to get the few hours of sleep we had left before needing to get up for our flight.  Giff and I were totally bummed…is this going to totally ruin our trip to China?  Why did I not turn the light on outside?  Why did I do this to myself?

2 Replies to “Day 281 of 400: Sydney, NSW – Australia”

  1. Oh – you poor baby! So sorry that you hurt yourself. did you fly out anyway and how are you now? I miss you guys and cannot wait to see you in March. Take better care!! Love ya!

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