Day 268 of 400: Cruise Boat – Fiji and South Pacific

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Today is a “sea” day onboard the Princess cruise and tonight is formal night.  We went to the gym, read a book, walked around the deck, had a leisurely lunch and relaxed before getting all dressed up for dinner.  Since it was the first formal night of the trip, everyone was completely decked out in their suits and dresses.  The crew put together a big fountain full of glasses with flowing champagne for everyone to take pictures, and the little stores on the ship had all kinds of sales trying to get people to spend their money.  There was a show going on in the theater, and live music in both the pub and the lounge for entertainment.

We had dinner in the formal dining room…seats are pre-assigned so we ended up at a table with another couple from Amsterdam.  We had 3 courses and a bottle of wine before deciding to test our luck in the casino.  Luckily…we made some money!  We basically closed the casino and went to bed fairly late after all our hard work earning money.

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