400 days to travel the world…only stopping to eat, drink, and everything in-between.

Day 257 of 400: Coffs Harbour – NSW, Australia

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The day was beautiful and with all the eating and drinking we were doing…we both wanted to get some exercise.  We took our time looking around the resort…there was a trail through the woods which lead to the edge of the water and then back around in a circle.  We took a leisurely walk admiring the view and ended up back at the front of the property.

We found the gym and both got a work out in for the day.  Back at our place, we showered and began to prep for dinner.  Tonight, Giff is making one of his famous pasta sauces and the secret ingredient is kangaroo meatballs!  He mixed the left-over ground sausage we purchased from the butcher, with some ground kangaroo meat we found on sale at the grocery.

We cooked dinner and caught up on some Internet stuff, enjoying our slow-paced day.

One response

  1. Amber

    KANGAROO MEATBALLS!!! That dish looked amazing, but Kangaroo again!!!

    February 12, 2012 at 8:42 pm

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