Day 258 of 400: Coffs Harbour – NSW, Australia

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We went down to the harbor after breakfast to see their small farmers market.  It was extremely small…but had various food tents, fruits/veggies, homemade crafts and a really bad singer trying to draw in the crowds.

We didn’t really buy anything but continued walking down to the marina where we found a nice walk along the rocks and a couple of stores, one selling fresh seafood.  We were hungry and saw multiple people ordering fresh fish so decided to join. One side of the store had all kinds of seafood for sale and the other side was more of a “take-away” restaurant.   We ordered both fish ‘n chips made from the local catch of the day as well as Cajun grilled fish and sat outside at a picnic table to eat.

After lunch, we were walking towards the water when we saw sushi in the window of another store.  We couldn’t resist…instead of being cut into individual pieces…they were selling the whole roll so it could be eaten on the go like a sandwich.  We ordered a couple of salmon rolls which were accompanied by the cutest little tubes of soy sauce and sat down on the rocks by the water.

After enjoying the harbor we drove over to Dan Murphy’s…the local liquor store which had all kinds of alcoholic beverages…kind of like a Bevmo in CA.  Since Australia is so big…we aren’t going to be able to get to all the wine regions in the amount of time we are visiting so instead, we decided to have a tasting of some of those main regions at our place.  We walked through getting the help from a local, and picked multiple bottles of wine specifically from the Margaret River and Barossa Valley wine regions.

Back at our place we opened a bottle of wine and pulled out some left overs from last night.  We turned the TV on to one of the Rugby games and settled in for the evening.

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