Day 256 of 400: Flynns Beach, Port Macquarie – NSW, Australia

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We are only driving about an hour up the coast to our next destination.  We had a nice relaxing week here in Port Macquarie and are planning on a similar week in Coff’s Harbour.

Once the car was packed up, we drove about a block and pulled over to find some breakfast.  The beautiful ocean distracted us and we walked over to the large boulders sticking out of the water to take some pictures.  Giff decided to spread some of his dad’s ashes as we walked along the water and around the rocks.

We went back across the street and found a take-out place called, Flynn’s Beach.  It had a sign claiming to have the best burger in the whole town.  We will be the judge of that…we got in line and ordered their classic burger…they said we had to wait 20 minutes.  That’s a good sign when a fast food place has to make and cook the burger to order.

Once our burger was ready, we took it and the fries across the street to a picnic table right on the ocean.  We peeled off the wax paper which was sticking to the burger and Giff took a nice big first bite.  Ummm…this could be the best burger ever!  It had a thin fried egg on the beef patty, a thick slice of red beet, a thin piece of ham, a big chunk of pineapple as well as the usual tomato and lettuce.  And the fries were nice and greasy…just the way you would expect fries to be served.  We mowed the burger licking our fingers and fighting over the last bite.  Awwwww, the simple things in life…a juicy burger, sunshine and ocean breeze.

Once we wiped the grease from our faces, we got into the car and drove up the coast.  We found our place and got checked in.  This timeshare was also plenty big with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen and deck.  We got a map of the area from the front desk, got all our groceries unpacked and settled in to our new home.

We made a yummy oriental chicken cabbage salad (it is one of the best salads…you should totally get the recipe from us) for dinner and of course opened a bottle of vino.

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