Day 245 of 400: King Valley Wine Region – Victoria, Australia

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We are exploring King Valley Wine region today.  One of our main goals while being in Australia is to get a good taste for their various wines.  Our first winery was Chrismont ( .  We learned quickly King’s Valley is known for its Italian varietals.  The vineyard owner was friendly and taught us a bit about the wines of the region, as well as had us taste various wines.  We liked the Shiraz Viognier which was very different…we had never seen a white grape blended with a red grape before, and the Marzemino which was a local grape.

Next door to Chrismont was a small vineyard…no frills type of place.  We tasted hoping to find a diamond in the rough type wine but…none of it was very good.  So, we thanked them for their time and were on our way.  All the wineries were pretty close to each other which made it easy to stop at multiple vineyards.

Our next stop was a winery called Pizzini ( which was both a vineyard as well as a cooking school. We had fun comparing some of the same varietals but from different vintages, our favorites for the price were; 2010 Sangiovese Shiraz, 2006-Il Barone and the 2009-100% Sangiovese.  The women also showed us two of their food products; one was a homemade chocolate rocky road…so scrumptious and the other was a raspberry & Prosecco jam-YUMMY…we had to buy it.

We also stopped by nearby Dalz Otto ( which had a simple table set up in their wine storage warehouse.  We tasted some of their wines and picked a bottle before finding one of our favorite vineyards in the area…Avalon Winery (  It was situated on a large farm and the actual cafe/wine tasting was in the barn.  The counter was one HUGE piece of wood cut from a single tree.  There was a fire going in the old chimney in the center of the room and the menu for the cafe had amazing food listed.  We were greeted by one of the women working behind the counter and began tasting some of their wines.  They did have a Sagrantino varietal which we were very excited to taste…it is one of our favorite grapes grown in Montefalco, Italy.  However, this Sagrantino was not even remotely close to the Italian varietal…this one was lacking the rich characteristics we know and love.  We did find one of our favorite wines of the day and of course purchased it before getting back in the car to head to our place after such a hard work day of tasting wine…

It was close to sun-set when we pulled into our driveway…there were at least 20 kangaroos eating the grass on the hill.  We stopped and took more pictures of them but this time, we saw a couple with little joey’s in their pouch.  It was so cute to see the mom bending down munching on grass while the little baby’s head stuck out from her pouch.  We continued down the driveway to our place, made dinner and had some downtime before going to bed.

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