Day 238 of 400: Glacier Country to Lake Wanaka – New Zealand

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We started our morning on a hike at Fox Glacier.  We walked between the mountains over what use to be an old river bed but was now dry.  Both Fox Glacier and Franz Josef glacier are 2 of the most accessible glaciers in the world…we were able to walk right up to it, and of course got some fantastic pictures.  The glacier is thousands of years old running 8 miles long and 984 ft deep.

After our walk, we got on the road to our next B&B which was a few hours drive to the town of Wanaka.  On the way, we stopped at a salmon farm for lunch, they had everything salmon…sushi, soup, dip etc.  We had some sushi, chowder, and took a few pics of their large fish tanks in the river before continuing our drive through the New Zealand countryside.  We made a few stops as we cruised along on the world heritage highway to enjoy the views along the ocean.  We stopped at both Night’s Point which had a nice look-out and then at Ships Wreck Creek for a hike through the jungle and onto the rocky beach.  The beach was gorgeous with the tall mountains in the distance, the waves crashing on shore and the numerous pebbles under our feet.  Giff decided it was a perfect place to spread more of his dad’s ashes.

The drive had stunning views with the many lakes and mountains and when we arrived at our B&B, Beacon Point (…we pulled into the driveway and saw we were right on Lake Wanaka which was surrounded by snowy mountains.  Since we had stopped for groceries along the way, we decided to stay in for the night and relax.  Our place was a mini apartment with 2 bedrooms, and a kitchenette.  We set up a spread of finger foods and watched a movie before bed.

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