Day 206 of 400: Island N. Seymour and Island Bartolome – Galapagos Islands

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Our day started snorkeling along the island of North Seymour.  We saw schools of fish, turtles and Penguins as they torpedoed past us in search of food.  We had fun swimming and watching the underwater world.

After swimming and lunch back on the boat, we set out for our hike through the nesting area of blue footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds.  The beach was both sandy and rocky with very dry vegetation.  As we walked through the marked path and through the breeding ground, we saw all sorts of species.

There were land iguanas munching on the grass and lava iguanas running past our feet.  As we kept walking, we saw blue footed boobies sitting on the ground in the nest they made on their eggs.  Their nest or territory was marked by a ring of white bird poop…it was about 5 inches or so thick in a perfect circle.  We were so close to them and their babies…but they didn’t seem to mind.

One of the highlights of the islands was watching the magnificent frigate birds in heat.  The males have red on their chest and in order to entice the females, they expand their pouches with air…it looks like they are going to pop.  Nature is so amazing…

Speaking of amazing…we also got to see two blue-footed boobies court each other as partners.  The female walked over to the male with a gift of twigs in her mouth.  She waddled over to him and presented the sticks which would probably be for their nest.  They were loudly talking to each other as they went through the motions…we thought we were going to see them mate but after waiting for some time, needed to keep walking.  See our video on this adorable new couple.

After getting to see the frigate birds with their red airy pouches, land iguanas lazily eating, and blue footed boobies fall in love, we were back on the boat.

We drank some tea, played cards and had our nightly gross dinner before getting to bed.

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