Day 184 of 400: Ring of Kerry and Dingle – Ireland

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Today we headed west to the “ring of Kerry” which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful drives in Ireland.  Unfortunately it was a very gray day with plenty of rain and minimal sunshine.  We grabbed a flapjack and coffee and drove a few hours to the ring.

The drive lasted many more hours than we planned.  The roads were twisty and small and the weather was bad which made us drive even slower.  It was all along the coastal edge and formed a circle hence “the ring”.  We did stop and get out to take pictures in the rain and enjoy the scenery through the fog.  The lakes and mountains were beautiful and as we got into the countryside we noticed how perfectly groomed the country was with stone walls and shrubs separating various properties.  Of course many sheep were all over the place which reminded us of Scotland.

After a full day of driving we finally arrived in the town of Dingle.  The navigator couldn’t help us once we arrived but the B&B had given very detailed directions and we found our place easily.  We checked into the Milestone House (  The host sat down with me to show a map of the local area and make suggestions for dinner and live music.  We freshened up and drove the 2 minutes into town.

The town was located right on the water and was also old-fashioned with its old signs and bright-colored buildings.  We found a small restaurant and ordered dinner.  Dinner was decent and fresh with an Asian flair…which was different from other Irish food we had up to that point.

After dinner if was pretty late and still raining so we went back to our B&B.  We will check out the Dingle area tomorrow hopefully in sunshine.

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