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We rolled out of bed today and drove over to a little grocery store where we ordered homemade soup/sandwich and coffees.  We ate and then drove about 15 miles to a little beach area where we thought it would be nice to get out and enjoy the coast for a bit. However, within seconds of being out of the car…we saw there were little black flies everywhere.  We looked at the car and saw there were hundreds stuck to the car.  We quickly got back in trying not to let any inside and felt we were being attacked by the small black obnoxious insects.

We got back to our hotel and spent some time online dealing with the stock market…trying to find a way to avoid the disaster.  A few hours later, we went downstairs into the bar which was the oldest room of the hotel.  It had a huge ceiling with beautiful detail and large red curtains.  We sat at a table by the window for their official “tea time”.  They brought us two tea cups with a pot of water as well as a three-tiered stand full of little finger sandwiches, a scone and little desserts.  It was accompanied by house made jams and clotted cream.  We sipped our tea and munched on our treats.  After tea time we went outside and explored the property a little bit.  We found a couple trails and walked slowly through the woods.

Back at our place we ordered a burger and ate some of our left over parmesan cheese for dinner.  We watched a bit of TV and fell asleep.

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