Day 169 of 400: La Morra and Barolo – Piedmont, Italy

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We found La Cascina del Monestero ( and got settled into our new B&B.  We were excited to see it was a wine making property.  The rows and rows of vines surrounded the huge house on all sides. The rooms were spacious and the property also had a pool in the back with a large outside patio.   We sat out on the back patio staring at the vines, drinking a glass of wine and doing some “work” on the Internet.  We spent most of the day watching the time go by and enjoying the beautiful property.

For dinner, we drove to the well-known town of Barolo…home of some of the best wines in the world.  It was raining and a Sunday so many things were closed but we looked around the small streets and found a quaint restaurant for dinner, Enoteca Della Posta di Barolo.

This restaurant had a cute little patio with about 5 tables outside.  The rain had stopped, so we sat outside and ordered a big salad followed by one homemade pasta in Bolognese sauce and one homemade pasta in a cherry tomato/basil sauce.  The tomato sauce won the prize of one of the best pastas of our trip.  The sweet caramelized onion was cooked down until it formed a thick scrumptious sauce and balanced beautifully with the stewed fresh tomatoes and basil.  It sounds so simple but was so amazing….each bite one would just want to chew slowly and savor the divine juices flowing down one’s throat.  When the waiter came over to take away our dishes, he asked if we wanted dessert and we ordered the same tomato pasta dish again.  Who says dessert has to be sweet?

Well, having three pasta dishes seemed like a good idea at the time but once we were digesting…we realized we were extremely full.  It was dusk and turning dark but we finished looking at the small town walking to the end of the street and taking some pictures of the big church and view of the valley below.

After our evening stroll we went back to our place, watched a bit of TV and fell fast asleep.

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  1. Still catching up on the blog. I know exactly what you mean. Who say’s desert has to be sweet? I ordered a second helping of a pasta dish I had in Vernaza and licked the sauce off of the table!!! It was the best pasta I’ve ever had and it was so simple. Miss you guys1

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