Day 170 of 400: Barolo and La Morra – Piedmont, Italy

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Red, itchy, rashy bumps…they started on Giff’s arms and then slowly creeped up around his neck and chest.  At first, it seemed like a mosquito attacked him (he had about 40 bites on his arm and hand ) but then tiny little bumps started forming around the “bug bites” and he was constantly scratching.  Giff started to research rashes on the Internet and then started researching bed bugs…what if?  After a couple weeks of freaking ourselves out with what the rash could be, we went to the hospital to have him checked.

The hospital seemed more organized than Barcelona.  It was similar to going to the DMV.  You take a number, wait for it to be called…go to the window and explain what is needed.  Then you go to a different part of the hospital depending on the need which in our case was the dermatologist, sign in at that counter and wait for the doctor.  Thankfully, there was one person who spoke English and assisted us through the system.  He took us to the second counter and spoke in Italian to the women who eventually had us take a seat. He came later to check in on us which was really nice.  After about an hour, the doctor called Giff, and I was not allowed to accompany him.  20 minutes later, Giff came out with a prescription for cortisone pills and was given a cortisone shot in the bootie.  He said the doctor didn’t speak a word of English…the trip was kind of a waste.  They gave us a piece of paper and told us to go pay at the front counter.  The English speaking guy at the front told us not to pay and if the rash didn’t settle down by the next day to come back.

We headed straight to Barolo to find lunch.  It was raining and the restaurant was packed.  We sat at a table and ordered risotto di Barolo which was an extremely rich creamy risotto infused with the local red wine.  We ate lunch chatting with the people sitting next to us and then decided to check out a few other small villages in the area.

First, we stopped at an Enoteca which we found out was a cooperative for the area…meaning they took grapes from numerous farmers, blended it all together and made wine.  We tasted a few of the wines and discussed the differences.  We weren’t overly impressed, so decided not to purchase any bottles .

As we continued our drive towards the village of La Morra, we couldn’t resist pulling over on the side of the road to appreciate the utter beauty surrounding us.  There were miles and miles of perfectly trimmed vines and farmland as far as the eye could see with little hilltop villages peppered throughout the landscape.  We pulled the tripod out and took some pictures inside the vineyards as we tried to capture the scenery on film.

The village of La Morra was teeny and very quiet.  We walked around a bit, buying an ice cream first and stopping at the lookout point which stood tall above the rest of the area.  We took pictures of the statues, church and clock tower and after our short walk had seen La Morra.

We drove back to our B&B to unwind and enjoy our relaxing evening, eating our left over Parmesan, peaches and wine for dinner.

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