Day 101 of 400: Edinburgh – Scotland

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“Let his loyalty and devotion be a lesson to us all” are the words imprinted on Greyfriars Bobby’s gravestone.  This dog and his loyalty have made such an impression on the city and its people.  After our Greyfriars Bobby visit, we stopped for a quick bite at Hula’s Cafe.  It was small but cute with organic foods and juices.  We ordered a Panini wrap and smoothie then walked to the National Museum of Scotland.

This museum had six floors full to the rim with artifacts and history.  Each level preceded the next so we started at level zero which was the “early people-8000 BC- AD 1100” like the vikings and Romans etc.  We loved the fact that such a great and educational museum was free to the public.  It includes the audio self guided tour free too.  What a great way to incent both locals and visitors to learn about the history of Scotland.  The museum closed way before we were ready.  We will have to add this to the list of things to do on our next trip to this amazing city.

We continued exploring the city and ran into a cute little pub where Giff ordered a pint and a burger and I ordered afternoon tea and a scone with clotted cream (I do not really know what clotted cream is exactly, I can tell you it is the creamiest butter I’ve ever had…it was the consistency of caramel.  I’m positive it went straight to my hips)

We continued our stroll through the gardens and around the cobblestone alleys.  We noticed several benches lined up for people to sit and enjoy the park.  On each bench was an engraved plate with words from loved ones dedicated to those they had lost.  We walked along reading each message.  It was getting dark and we jumped back on the bus to go to the Marriott.

One Reply to “Day 101 of 400: Edinburgh – Scotland”

  1. Hey guys!! I really think you could put of these posts into a very interesting book about your travels. Save all your notes. this city looks amazing!! Your are truly living my dream!! Thanks for describing it so well

    Love and miss you both. Ashley graduated Friday night and her party is in 2 weeks. Kylie went to Stat finals in track. Jordon, of course, is still strumming away with appearances every weekend in his band. He is playing Sat at Freedom Fest in Cinn. Cannot wait! All are out of school for the summer except Kylie.

    Hope to see you on your next trip here!

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