Day 98 of 400: York – United Kingdom

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To look into the rearview mirror…you have to look up to the left vs. the right.  The driver’s seat was on the right side of the car and everyone was driving on the left side of the road.  This was the beginning of our driving journey in the United Kingdom and Giff was now in the driver’s seat!  I was in the front on the left side of the car and mom in the back.  It was recommended that we mark an arrow pointing left and tape it to the inside of the car as a constant reminder to stay on the left side of the road which is what we did the moment we got in the car.  It was pretty strange to have to look for oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the road and when driving through the many roundabouts to yield to cars coming from the right instead of the left, but after some time we got some-what use to it.

We checked into our Marriott hotel and jumped on the bus which took us to the city center (no need for Giff to drive in a city on the left side of the road quite yet!) We were super hungry…we really hadn’t had anything since breakfast so once in the town found a place to eat.  Giff started with the warm goat cheese on crostini with mixed greens and then had slow cooked duck drenched in its own juices.  I had the crusty sautéed brie cheese drizzled with raspberry sauce served with mixed greens followed by a baked chicken breast marinated in herbs and garlic with potatoes.  Mom had the same brie cheese starter followed by crispy salmon and potato cakes.  We indulged and had wine with our meal before exploring the city.

York had many cobblestone streets to wonder about and we found all kinds of little nooks and cranny’s throughout.  Numerous pubs lined the streets with tales of various ghosts still allegedly present in the old buildings.  The architecture of the massive cathedral was stunning.  There were quite a few tea rooms to sit down in and have a scone with clotted cream and a cup of tea the “proper way” (with milk).  We decided to sit down at Betty’s tea room and have a pot of classic british blend tea and a bite to soothe our sweet tooth.  We shopped a bit in the bakery portion of the tea room before leaving to take a few more pictures and finding our next spot, The Three Tuns.

The Three Tuns is one of York’s oldest pubs.  We found three stools at the bar and ordered a drink.  We noticed the spouts on the draft beer were long silver nozzles and had a spout on the end with many little holes.  We also noticed the beers here had thick foamy “heads” at the top.  I asked the bartender why the spouts looked so different…he said that the “head” on a beer is what keeps it fresh.  If you were to pour two beers, one with a thick head and one without and leave them on the table, the one with the head would taste better and still have its fizz and the one without would be flat.  Therefore they have the little spouts to create air into the beer as it is pouring which creates the “foamy head”.  Well, isn’t that fancy!

While sipping our beers, Curtis pulled up a stool next to us, he introduced himself and told us he wrote articles about traveling the UK and if we had any questions to ask him.  So…we asked him all about his thoughts on our travel plans to Scotland and the highlands.  He gave us tips on where to go and told us some stories he had learned.  After much chatting, we left the bar, took the bus and ordered a small dinner at the hotel before going to bed.

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