Day 9 of 400: Castle of Queribus and Corbieres Appellation – France

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The country roads were windy and in the middle of no where!  Vineyards and vineyards surrounded us.  We were on our way to see a castle!  We got a little distracted along the way and drove down one of the dirt roads and stopped in the middle of someone’s vineyard.  We took some pictures and had a glass of wine before getting back in the car.  Why not right?

As we continued to drive we saw what looked like a huge mountain with something built right into the cliff…it was the castle.  The same color of the cliff, this castle was completely made out of the rock in which it was built.  We followed the navigator which had us heading straight up the mountain…very steep, no guard rail…please little rental car-you can do it…

The views were something out of a book.  We could see all of the valleys and mountains of the area.  We were at the top of the Chateau de Queribus.  We took the self guided tour and learned the history of the castle remains.  It was very cool.

As we headed back, we drove through a couple little towns and of course felt we needed to stop and taste the wine of this area.  I know, it may sound like we taste a lot of wine but we are in southern France and shouldn’t we really immerse ourselves in the local culture?  The little town we were in was called Cucugnan.  The wine maker shared with us his red wines.  We tasted, asked questions and left with a 6 euro bottle of wine.  The next little town was Cases de Pene.  This village seemed all about wine…we stopped at a “wine cave” on the corner.  The women spoke pretty good english.  She gave us a quick tour of the production portion of their building.  We walked through the tall stainless steel containers full of wine that was maturing and through the barrels and the boxed wine waiting to be shipped.  Back in the tasting room, she was answering questions for us and we were not really tasting anything we liked until we got to the last bottle which was good…we bought it!

Right before getting to the timeshare, we grabbed a “fast food” pizza to go…how bad could it be?  It was bad…note to self-do not buy fast food pizza in Europe.  Giff attempted to make Beef Bourguignon on the stove top…let’s just say it wasn’t exactly his best dish-lol

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