Day 6 of 400: Timeshare in Canet en Roussillion

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Ok…the word I would use for this timeshare is tired.  It’s not exactly the type of place where you want to relax and stay in…we put towels on our pillows so our heads wouldn’t be in direct contact with it.  Let’s talk about the shower…there was no shower head on the wall, you need to hold the nozzle the whole time.  The water was not clear…more of a brownish red.  Knowing that this place was costing us such a low amount, we decided to make due.  The patio opened to a huge field of wild grasses where the sun would rise every morning.  The kitchen had the basics and we took the blanket off the bed guessing that it had not been cleaned anytime recently.

Today was our first day in Canet.  This area is surrounded by water…beautiful beaches with cute little resort towns – one after the other.  We stopped at a bakery and then grabbed a “cafe”  which came with a little individual chocolate candy…yum!  We noticed most things were closed, maybe because it was Sunday.  Sundays and Mondays in European small towns seem to shut down.  Next we headed to the grocery (Casino is what they called it) to grab some groceries since we would be here for the week.

We learned two very important lessons.  In the states, when you purchase fruits/veggies…you put it in a little clear plastic bag and pay for it.  That is exactly what we did…we picked lots of both and went to the cashier.  We found out, the scales that are near the produce are needed so that once you have your produce in the bag, you then place it on the scale.   A touch screen menu shows pictures of all the produce.  You pick what is in the bag (tomatoes, grapes, carrots etc.) and then the scale prints out a price tag based on what it is and how much it weighs. Isn’t that fancy?  So…we weighed and tagged all of our stuff and headed back up to the cashier.  She scanned everything and asked for the total amount.  We paid but realized…they do not have grocery bags.  Paper or plastic was not a question we were asked.  As we looked around, we realized you can either bring in your own bags from home or purchase a bag.  We gathered our fruits/veggies, mustard, olive oil, vinegar, meats and cheeses between the both of us and carried it out by hand to the car!  Always bring a used bag to the grocery.

We decided to go back to the “club house” at our timeshare to get online, catch up on the blog and research what was nearby to see over the next week.  We stayed in for dinner again…making a very similar dinner to last night.  We were just having a low-key day.  Tomorrow we will drive down the coast and check our some of the little beach villages.

3 Replies to “Day 6 of 400: Timeshare in Canet en Roussillion”

  1. Ok, this is where really cute hair clips and bands come into play. Have fun with them and PS, your hair looks great!!!!! Sound like you kids are having the time of your life! I am so happy you are doing this blog and sharing with all of us!!


    1. It was cold in southern France…it was February! But Barcelona was warmer and so were the Canary Islands. Thanks, my hair is growing out but I feel like a lion…my hair is all over the place and I have no clue how to style short hair!!

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