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It was a charming little town built in a cove.  It had a little harbor of boats surrounded by colorful buildings and breathtaking cliffs above.  We were in Cassis.  The huge trees (are they chestnut?) stood tall in the center square and a local market was just being cleaned up.  We saw a tourist office and walked in to get a map of the local area.  We were told not to miss the hike/walk they called the Calanques which hugs the border of some of their cliffs.  We grabbed a fresh baguette and some cookies and went on our walk.  The walk had some beautiful views and little posts (in French and English) educating us on what we were viewing.  It was nice and peaceful.

When we got back, a crepe restaurant jumped out at us.  We ordered two hot chocolates and a crepe.  This hot chocolate was not American hot chocolate…it was basically a thick warm pudding served in a coffee mug, there was no water in this chocolate!

With our sugar high we decided to get in the car and continue on to a city called Montepellier.  We thought this drive would be about two hours but we ended up in the car closer to five hours due to the traffic and crazy streets of Marseille, which was a very large city… the driving was consistent with NYC.

We finally got into Montepellier and were exhausted.  We found a cheap little 2 star hotel called the Ibis, checked in and went straight to bed.  We’ll have to see the city tomorrow!

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