Day 363 of 400: Amsterdam – Netherlands

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We arrived early morning in Amsterdam after a long red-eye flight. We jumped on the train straight from the airport into the center of town. We could have walked across the street to our hotel but instead, we had a taxi take us to the wrong hotel driving way past ours. We finally figured it out and got checked into the Marriott right across the street from the train station. We put our things in the room, freshened up and walked around chilly Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is such a cute historical city…and the canals make it so charming. It was clearly fall, the trees were bare and the air crisp. We walked around the canals looking for some food, and ran into a place called Harlem. It was an old-fashioned pub/restaurant. We sat down and ordered a couple of beers, soup and sandwich…the food was good and it was nice to get warmed up.

After lunch we meandered through the various canals…stopping to take pictures and shop in the little boutiques. We picked up some chocolate from the chocolate shop and stopped at another pub for a pint. We also stumbled into a Pandora store and found a lion charm to add to my “around the world” charm bracelet!

After shopping and walking around all day…we found our way over to the Grasshopper, a well-known restaurant/coffee shop. We relaxed there for a bit and then got lost trying to get back to our hotel…the streets looked different at night and we found ourselves walking in cold circles. Giff got pretty excited when he found a pink donut in the window of a bakery…last time we were in Amsterdam we also saw the pink donut, guess you had to be there. We finally figured out how the heck to get back, grabbed dinner at the hotel and then watched TV before bed. We were both pretty tired after not really getting much sleep on the plane.

Tomorrow we leave early for the airport…this Amsterdam stop was only a 24 hour layover but it was fun!

One Reply to “Day 363 of 400: Amsterdam – Netherlands”

  1. “…the Grasshopper”, “…restaurant/coffee shop”, “…got lost trying to get back to our hotel…the streets looked different at night…walking in…circles.”, “Giff got pretty excited when he found a pink donut…last time we were in Amsterdam we also saw the pink donut…”. The paragraph of this last post is hilarious. I love Amsterdam!

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