Day 330 of 400: Bangkok to Krabi – Thailand

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We slept in and got our things packed and ready for our flights.  We had some time to spend in the city before needing to get to the airport, so leisurely enjoyed our day walking around and eating food from the street stalls.  We had a couple amazing Thai pancakes which are different from American pancakes.  These are small bite-sized…thin crepe-like and filled with fresh coconut cream and chewy pieces of young coconut…oh so good, I would love the recipe.  We also stopped at a small Muslim stand which were making little falafel balls served in cone like paper and smothered in a  sweet and spicy sauce.  Right across from that stand was a fruit smoothie place so we ordered a berry smoothie to wash everything down.  Oh and we also saw a small bakery with a line of people ordering cookies…why should they have cookies and we don’t?  We stood in line too and bought a whole box of them.

After tasting our way through the streets, we went back to the busy street near our place and resisted the temptation to order our freshly grilled fish.  This time we chose a different vendor and ordered a few Thai dishes to snack on before getting to the airport.  It was good but not as good as that fish!!

With our full bellies, we grabbed our luggage at the hotel and took a taxi first to the post-office.  We needed to ship another box home…the post office was surprisingly modern and organized which made it nice and simple.  The taxi then took us to the airport where we checked in and then boarded our 1 hour flight down south to Krabi.

The flight was nice and short and once we landed, we took another taxi to a nearby hotel on the water.   There is only one set time to arrive on the island where our resort is and we missed the boat for the day so will stay in Krabi for one night.  As the taxi drove down the street, he pointed out the festival currently going on due to the New Year’s celebration.  There were various vendors with goods and food lined up on the street and many people walking around outside, eating at restaurants and listening to the live music they had playing over the amplifier.  We checked into the hotel and after seeing our room…realized this place was at best a 2 star.  But it is only for one night and we will be leaving right after breakfast in the morning to go to our resort.

We strolled around outside looking at the vendors but not really buying much besides more mangosteen.  We did see one stall who had all kinds of bugs to eat…we opted to skip that cuisine.  The area was very touristy and the restaurants were pretty bad…both from a food and service standpoint.  After sitting at one place and waiting for over 20 minutes, we walked out and sat at a family owned Italian place.  We ordered a pizza and pasta as well as the last tiramisu.

After dinner we walked back to our hotel and got to bed at a decent time since we need to be up early in order to catch the boat to our island in the morning!

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