Day 291 of 400: Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo – China

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We spent our whole day on a boat cruising down Li River…it was beautiful.  We had our own table and chairs with a big window, we sipped on tea as we gazed out at the scenery.  The river snaked its way through all kinds of mountains…one of the scenes our guide pointed out was from the 20 yuan bill.  We kept going back and forth from our seats to the top deck to get pictures and feel the wind on our faces.

After our day of cruising, we ended in a little town called, Yangshuo.  It was a cute town with tons of little shops and vendors selling their goods.  Things were super cheap too, we picked up a few things along the way to find dinner.  The guide had recommended a place, and we found it at the end of town, upstairs in a building with an outside patio.

The menu was really interesting, the first page was a list of holistic herbal soups.  The ingredients cooked together created a healthy concoction…each for something different.  We ordered one made with lotus root which had a surprisingly strange consistency…although it was hard, when we bit into it…it was really stringy, each bite would leave your mouth covered in a hair-like consistency.  It didn’t have such a strong taste but very weird.  We also ordered river snails and a veggie stir-fry.  No, we didn’t order the dog but…it was on the menu!

After dinner, we were in the car for a couple of hours before we got back to our hotel.  On the way, we stopped at one of the street vendors for our first pomelo.  We had never had one, and they seemed to be in season since they were on every corner.  It tasted like a grapefruit but less juicy.  Back at our hotel, we relaxed, got packed and went to bed.  Tomorrow we are back at the airport.

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