Day 265 of 400: Sydney – NSW, Australia

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After Veronica made us all crepe’s for breakfast and Pat showed us the proper Italian way to eat them (a bit of butter and sugar gently rolled between the paper-thin crepe), we all got ready and drove downtown.

The weekend market was set up with tons of vendors in the part of town they call “The Rocks” which is the oldest area of Sydney.  It kind of had a New England feel to it.  We had fun looking at all the crafts and gift items, of course tasting the chocolate and spicy dips along the way.  After shopping, we walked over to the Bonza Bike Tour office ( which our friends (Brian and Jill) from Hermosa Beach in CA own.

They hooked us up with a complimentary 2 hour bike tour of Sydney for not only Giff and I but Veronica, Pat and the kids too.  The guides got us all situated…making sure we had the right helmet and bikes were adjusted to our height before beginning the tour.

Our group had about 12 people and one guide.  The ride was slow-paced and we stopped many times to hear the history and stories of various parts of town.  The main one being how Australia was founded which was due to Great Britain needing more space to keep criminals so shipped them to this island which is now known as Australia.

It was nice learning fun facts about the city and getting to see Sydney from the perspective of a bike ride, which allowed us to cover more ground quicker.  We drove though the busy streets, by the harbor, through Chinatown, and around parks looking at both historical and new buildings in the area.

After our tour, we stopped for a bite to eat at a German restaurant/bar and ordered a light meal to munch on…of course, there was a live German band playing (they were probably in their 70’s) and Giff sneakily had them sing happy birthday to me as they brought out a thick piece of cake with a candle.

Once we got home, we enjoyed each other’s company knowing that tomorrow we will be leaving for our 2 week cruise to Fiji.

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