Day 262 of 400: Brisbane – Queensland, Australia

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Today we spent over 4 hours getting to our next destination…Brisbane.  We arrived and checked into our hotel called the Emporium ( which is the 5 star hotel we are getting for free thanks to the super nice guy we met in the S Korea airport.  His credit of $800 was going to expire before he could get to the hotel so gave it to us!

The hotel itself was a very nice boutique type accommodation.  Everything was very new and decorated beautifully.  It had a restaurant with live music and was in the same complex as some other shops and restaurants.  We walked into our room to candles lit, a bottle of champagne on ice and rose petals in the form of a heart on the bed.  We were tired from the long day of driving so it was great to have a nice room to relax in, the bathroom even had a jacuzzi tub and a washer and dryer.

We walked around the complex outside checking out the area and looking for dinner.  We found a noodle place and ordered food to go.  We brought it back to our room and watched a movie before bed.

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